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Stories and commentaries with composition dates unknown.

Kings Daughters Hospital – II

KDH The Madison Courier’s editorial this past week — finally — about plans to move the King’s Daughters’ Hospital and Health Services out onto State Road 62 began with the words, “It’s a done deal.” That was after the hospital…


Kings Daughters Hospital – I

KDH Will the King’s Daughters’ Hospital and Health Services abandon downtown Madison after more than 100 years’ presence, leaving a huge hole that will be almost impossible to fill? You say that my opening sentence there was obviously slanted against…



Reparations? When the primary elecion was held in Jefferson County a couple of weeks ago, Hillary Clinton defeated Barack Obama by about 65 percent to 35 percent in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. In Switzerland County, it was…


Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin After months of deriding Barack Hussein Obama as a “rock star” in the presidential race, the Republicans suddenly have one of their own: Sarah Palin. Guess circumstances alter cases when it comes to rock stars and a lot…