Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

After months of deriding Barack Hussein Obama as a “rock star” in the presidential race, the Republicans suddenly have one of their own: Sarah Palin. Guess circumstances alter cases when it comes to rock stars and a lot of other things, huh, GOP faithful?

“Now THAT would be a contest!” Palin burst on the political firmament like a newly discovered meteor a week and a half ago, and many people are wondering how she managed to keep hidden for this long. Smart, articulate, and good-looking, she’s like an Obama in skirts.
Well, sort of, anyway. She wowed the huge crowd in St. Paul for the Republican convention when she gave her acceptance speech, plus up to 40 million TV viewers, in a way reminiscent of Obama’s maiden address (to a national audience, anyway) at the 2004 Democratic convention. In both cases, America came, saw, and swooned.

Already there are reportedly runs in stores on the type of glasses Palin sports, and beauty shops are getting many appointments from women who want their hairstyle to look like hers. “Palin Power” and “Super Sarah” T-shirts are being designed and produced, even as I write.

So is all this hoo-hah much ado about nothing, as many Obama opponents have said of the junior senator from Illinois’ candidacy? Well, it’s true Barack Hussein’s resume is on the thin side. But as the Democrats have pointed out, Palin’s could be considered to be just as skinny.

One big difference is that Palin, as governor of Alaska for the last 21 months, and as mayor of a town (albeit one smaller than Madison) for several years before that, has experience as an executive — as someone who actually has to run a corporation, so to speak. Obama has experience as a legislator, which is to say as a deliberator and speaker. And he’s spent about half of his single term in the U.S. Senate running for president.

It’s interesting that some of the same people who have praised women’s ability to “multi-task,” who said women can “have it all,” who said that it was the quality of the time a woman spends with her children, not the quantity, that is important, are now saying that Sarah Palin is “neglecting her (five) children” by being governor, and that she wouldn’t be able to perform her duties as vice president and be a good mother, too. Again, circumstances alter cases, huh, liberal feminists?

Will Sarah Palin bring much to the GOP ticket in this campaign besides good looks and a sure-footed stump style? Well, I think she will. While men obviously will be attracted to her beauty and probably to the way she conducts herself with serene self-confidence, I would imagine many women look at her and think, “She’s changed a lot of diapers and tied a lot of hair ribbons and hauled kids to a lot of ballgames, just like I have!” She has an Everywoman aspect to her that makes her very approachable, but at the same time a razor-sharp mind and a persona that isn’t intimidated by contact with the great and important — or those who THINK they are.

One could say that Barack Hussein Obama and Sarah Palin are the vanguard of American politics as it will be in coming years. Styles change in politics just as they do in hats, clothing, and hairdoes, and these two young, talented people, both born in the Kennedy era of the early 1960s, are probably a harbinger of things to come.

Whoever wins the presidential race this fall, don’t be surprised if Obama and Palin are the nominees for their respective parties in 2012. They’re the wave of the future.

And who might their running mates be? Well, Evan Bayh would still be young enough (57) to be a running mate for Obama. That would be my choice. But then, as a fellow Hoosier, I’m a little biased.

And as to Sarah Palin, there’s another rising star Republican governor, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, who might be her ideal running mate. But first, she might have to beat him in the Republican primary. Now

THAT would be an interesting contest!

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