Let’s send them ALL a message!

Scott Brown’s stunning upset of Martha Coakley in Tuesday’s Massachusetts special senatorial election has everyone buzzing. Ted Kennedy’s seat (as some thought of it) going to a Republican, for the first time in 58 years?! In ultra-liberal, sky-blue Massachusetts?! It’s like when Lord Cornwallis’s forces surrendered to George Washington’s Continentals in 1781, and an American army band played, “The World Turned Upside Down.”

Well, of course there were national factors at work there. Barack Obama’s persona, which seemed a graceful, soaring orator sent from on high to lead us to “change we can believe in” one year ago, has soured considerably for a number of reasons. The catchline, “We inherited this mess” has started to sound pretty hollow in view of stubbornly high unemployment rates, soaring federal deficits, the threat of more terror attacks, and a seemingly obsessive determination to ram through “health-care reform” for the U.S., never mind that polls show the form the Democrats are offering it in, isn’t wanted by the voters. “Mr. Change” has come to seem more like “Professor Windbag.” Add to that the fact that Brown proved to be a very effective candidate and Martha Coakley a very inept one, and the win seems more comprehensible. Plus, when one party has held an office for so long, the voters often feel that it’s time to give the other side a chance.

But there is a deeper rumbling here — one that applies to us right here in Madison, IN, as well as to all the rest of the country, that helped spark the Tea Party movement. Many, many of us feel that our elected officials are ignoring what we want to pursue their own pet agendas — Democrat or Republican, there are many from both sides tarred with that brush.

Look, for example, at some instances in our own community. The Madison-Milton bridge is, literally, the largest and most obvious example. Few Madison or Milton residents could be found that would say, today, “Yes, I think tearing the old bridge off its existing pilings that are 80 years old, and building a new bridge on those pilings, resulting in the bridge being closed for probably more than a year, is a good idea.” No, folks, we ain’t saying that — in the taverns, the barber shops, Wal-Mart, or anywhere else. But it doesn’t matter. Our local powers-that-be have decided that the bridge must be built that way (if it’s ever going to be built) in order to qualify for federal stimulus money. Otherwise, it might have to be closed down soon, altogether, as being unsafe.

Well, what if we said, “We don’t care; we don’t want it done this way, and if we have to raise the money some other way, so be it!” Of course, we could say that, and they could continue to ignore our wishes, as they seem, at any rate, to be doing now. Perhaps if they and/or their predecessors had done a better job in pushing for a bridge years ago, we would already have one by now. And, in all fairness to our leaders, perhaps if we, the people of this community, had been able to agree on an acceptable route other than the existing one, it would have sent a message to the people with the money. Perhaps, perhaps … But those things didn’t happen. Now it’s too late. We’re stuck with doing it their way (the king’s coin, the king’s law); or losing the bridge altogether.

Take the King’s Daughters’ Hospital and Health Services, which has been located in downtown Madison for over 100 years. Now, in defiance of the wishes of most of the community, the KDH administrator and board are pushing ahead with their plans for a big, new (expensive) hospital on the hilltop, and the abandonment of the existing facility downtown, which has grown and grown over the years as KDH bought up more and more property. Does it make you think of Obama and the Democratic Congress and the health-care reform issue? Are we just stuck with what our “betters” in positions of authority are determined to force-feed us?

I’ll cite one more local example, although this one is of a religious nature, affecting the local citizens of a particular faith, rather than the community as a whole. I’m speaking of the plans by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis to close Prince of Peace Catholic Church’s facility downtown, as soon as a big, new Catholic church is built near Shawe and Pope John schools. I was talking with a friend of mine the other day, who is a life-long Catholic (and even older than me). He told me that many older members of the Roman Catholic community in Madison are upset at the prospect of losing the last Catholic church in downtown Madison. But, again, there seems to be no recourse for them. The Archdiocese (elected officials; KDH administrators and board) have spoken. Pipe down and get out of the way!

A few years ago, a local preservation group called Cornerstone was successful in preventing the tearing down of an aging, county-owned building on East Second Street because it considered a tinted glass panel above the front door to be “historic.” Yet the majority of the community has not been able to cause re-consideration of these much, MUCH larger issues.

What is wrong with this picture? The Tea Party movement was formed nationwide because people felt their wishes were being ignored. Maybe we need our own Tea Party, on a local, Madison-Milton level.

Maybe we need to send them ALL a message!


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  1. Alida Antonia Cornelius
    January 28, 2010 at 11:54 am

    Want to know why Mass elected him?
    Because they have healthcare for everyone, but the program is in financial trouble.
    They are worried about finances, along with everyone.
    But, would he have been elected if he told everyone he was a “white nationalist”?
    I doubt it.
    I vote for many Republicans.
    I love Gov. Mitch Daniels.
    I always voted for Tom Ridge when I lived in PA.
    It’s just too bad that Republicans and Democrats cannot come together and get something done instead of fighting each other all the time just because of their party platforms.
    Many in this country are independents and we are tired of all the fighting.
    Include me in this category.

  2. foobar
    February 1, 2010 at 12:24 am

    Not sure about local TEA party activity but I do believe the time has come for an independent body of local persons to ‘trouble shoot’ the many conflicting actions of local government. A group of volunteers that would dedicate some free time to get to the ‘facts’ instead of listening to reports from the paper of what servants said or planned and investigate it themselves with full disclosure to what was/is learned to a Madison blog for that purpose. We need to get the facts straight from the horses mouth so to speak and when something smell rotten or does not add up correctly, make the calls and the face to face informal meets to ask the hard questions of those charged with the keeping of Madison. Something that is long over due IMO. Think we can get a dozen concerned citizens together? Would love to donate the blog site, internet tools and my time for something like this.

  3. February 24, 2010 at 9:50 am

    That so many people are attracted to and supporting the TEA PARTY speaks eloquently for the thoughts in your article! That far too many of our citizens really do believe the government (Big Brother) is sublimely indifferent to our wants and needs.

    This being a mid-term election year, I would respectfully remind our readers of a catch-phrase in vogue decades earlier (ok, so I’m giving away my age). . . “RE-ELECT NOBODY!”

    The message inherent in that phrase being the incumbents simply do not deserve re-election. . . regardless of political affiliation. Because they have either done a recognizably worthless job in Congress, or have been to busy, selling their services and support to lobbyists, to Big Business, or special interest groups like La Raza. (Or all of the above, in some cases.)

    A significant event of the 2008 presidential campaigns being that McCain (a.k.a. McAmnesty) AND Barak Hussein Obama went before La Raza, promising them in addition to amnesty no doubt, the sun, moon and stars, to be funded for them by the American Taxpayers, in exchange for the Latino Vote.

    Time to turn the traitors out. Get new people into Congress. . . both House and Senate. . . people who hew to the time-honored principle of a government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE!

  4. April 12, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    Madison to have it’s own ‘Tea Party’, about time too! People have been busy getting the word out. Should be a fairly large event. Couple different radio spots being aired for the event.

    Saturday April 17th, 2010. 3:00 PM, Riverboat Inn,located at 906 East 1st Street, by the Madison-Milton bridge.

    Topics to be discussed:

    * Obamacare
    * Illegal Immigration
    * Education Reform
    * Public Corruption
    Signs are allowed, NO profane language will be permitted.

    Speakers will include

    * Mike Sodrel
    * Rick Berry
    * Jan Anderson
    * Joe Boone
    * Dr. Britt
    * Dr. Israel
    * Rick Ruess
    * Travis Hankins

    Come join us – bring a lawn chair, and a sign, let your voice be heard!

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