Let’s have justice for American Renaissance, too!

American Renaissance, a racial realism blog site and organization founded in 1990 by a man named Jared Taylor, was low-bridged again at the end of this past week, right on the eve of what AmReners thought would be their semi-annual conference in Charlotte, N.C., far away from the liberal loonies who have managed to disrupt those conferences, one way or another, for the past several years.

All it took this time was threatening phone calls from two black Charlotte city councilmen to the hotel where most of the AmRen followers attending the conference were planning to stay. As a hotel in the Washington, D.C.-Northern Virginia area did under similar circumstances last year, the Charlotte inn caved in under pressure from the professional Left and canceled all the AmReners’ reservations, plus their use of the hotel’s facilities for the conference.

The trouble-making Southern Poverty Law Center, which loves to designate political groups who disagree with it as “racist” and “hate groups” almost as much as the mainstream news media love quoting the SPLC as making the designations, may have had a hand in the denial of free speech to the AmReners, too. It isn’t clear at this writing. What is clear, is that free speech as conceived by those with the muscle to enforce it in this country today, is free liberal speech, free black speech, free illegal immigrant speech — but definitely not free speech for White Americans, European-Americans, who believe that their race is threatened and under siege, and that they have a right to speak out about it.

Whether it’s pressure groups forcing a closedown of facilities where a conservative, race-conscious group was going to hold its convention; or Leftist thugs shouting down and even physically threatening those trying to espouse traditional values on U.S. college campuses; or radical and/or black militant groups “confiscating” (read: stealing) and destroying conservative alternative newspapers published on said campuses, the Left in this country has made its stand clear: Agree with us, or shut up. Or we’ll SHUT you up. Or we’ll tar you with the “racist” brush. Or we’ll make so much fuss outside your venue, and act so threatening, that weak-kneed college administrators will cave in and cancel your program as being to likely to cause “disruption.”

Such a result is called the “thug’s veto.” “We don’t like what you’re saying, so we’re going to keep you from saying it.” That isn’t free speech; it’s totalitarianism. And the mainstream media mostly just look the other way. Most reporters are of a liberal ideological bent — believe me, I worked with them for 40 years, and I know. They don’t really care if AmRen is shut out of a conference for which its members had paid good money, or whether columnist Ann Coulter is forced to cancel a scheduled appearance on a college campus by Leftist goons’ threats.

I don’t know what Mr. Taylor and the other leaders of American Renaissance are going to do about this. I suspect they’ll manage to salvage some type of truncated conference. But the Leftist thugs will be grinning with glee — including those two city councilmen — because once again they’ve “beat the ole White boys.”

It seems to me that such mass reservations at a hotel should include a performance bond, by which the hotel could be sued by AmRen and its members for cancelation on late, short notice. Possibly the hotel management could grow some backbone and start telling the Leftists who threaten them that they’ll be subject to arrest if they break the law in any way on hotel property. But that’s probably too much to hope for. Other AmRen bloggers and I have urged members attending these conferences to pack heat — for self-defense, if necessary, not aggression. But that does no good if the thing gets canceled before it can even start.

No, the most effective tool for the various conservative organizations who have been the victims of liberal, often black, disruption and intimidation, is the legal one. The SPLC is very vulnerable to such lawsuits — it has defamed one Rightist organization after another, publicly. And it has deep pockets. Seems to me that the city of Charlotte could be liable to legal action, too, as two of its city councilmen were key players in intimidating the hotel into its spineless cave-in. One of those councilmen is the mayor pro-tem, according to an article about the disgraceful episode which appeared in the Charlotte Observer.

And as I’ve already mentioned, surely AmRen can find lawyers who could work up a good discrimination lawsuit against the hotel in this case. Has the hotel ever canceled reservations for an NAACP or Black Muslim convention at the last minute, under pressure from the local KKK? We all know the answer to that, don’t we?

Until the Right starts fighting back — and the best way to do that, is by getting into the deep pockets of the people who have wrong ed them, through the legal system — it will be served up this noxious stew, again and again.

For those of you who are interested in Mr. Taylor’s website, it is available at amren.com . You’ll find that the webmaster tolerates no racial slurs or other abusive language, and that much of the discussion is well-reasoned and intelligent, although often written in what might be called “White heat” (pun intended).

If you think this column might help open the eyes of some people, please feel free to forward it far and wide. Just give Old Corporal credit, please. I don’t get any money from this, but the recognition makes me feel good.


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