Fooled us once! Shame on him — and them …

Let’s say you were on the board of a huge, major corporation which had been slipping badly for the past four years. Let’s say you’ve been given a chance to hire a new CEO — a slightly stiff, not totally personable guy who nevertheless has a proven record as an executive (and an honorable man) who can turn around and save failing operations. Or you can keep the current CEO, a tall, cocky, swaggering black guy, “cool as a fool in a swimming pool,”  able to utter resounding promises in stentorian tones, beloved of the young, idealistic and uninformed; idolized by the news media, recipient of a Nobel Prize he did nothing to earn, almost as soon as he was hired four years ago.

Which would you choose? Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. But our opinion polls tell us that the dilettante CEO is “surging” in the polls, and that the  “clunky” White guy is “stumbling,” “sinking,” “losing,” etc. How do we explain that? The U.S. is in a helluva mess — and the guy who has made the mess worse during the past four years is allegedly turning his re-election campaign into a cakewalk — a sure thing.

Well, for those of you who, like me, have no use for President Barack Obama (I’m a Democrat, too), I’d say, “Don’t believe everything you read — especially if you read it in the newspapers.”

“Young Narcissus”

Or hear it on the mainstream media. Or see it reported by many of the major polling organizations. I couldn’t prove it, but I believe there is a major scam going on during this campaign — a scam intended to make Barack Obama look like a sure winner — “Mr. Inevitable” — and to discourage those of us who want to end his presidency after one term.

It may be a coincidence — I don’t want to sound totally paranoid here — but the Turner Classic Movies channel lately showed two movies, both of which might hold hidden messages for this election year. One was “Gabriel Over the White House.” It told of a feckless, good-time-Charlie type U.S. president who is severely injured in a car accident, then is, in a manner of speaking, “reborn.” He becomes a cross between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler (the film was released in early 1933), taking command of the U.S. with a vengeance, using presidential executive orders and then martial law to force “reforms” that he believes are needed, on the country; then dying at the end, as his “Angel Gabriel” leaves him, its mission apparently accomplished.

The other was the original version of “The Manchurian Candidate,” in which U.S. troops captured during the Korean War are programmed by the Communist Chinese to assist in a future takeover of the U.S. by native-born Reds. The movie ends with the shooting deaths of the woman who is the prime conspirator and her not-overly-bright husband, a McCarthy type, and then the suicide of her son who believes he had to kill them to save America. I don’t know enough about the political leanings of TCM to be able to guess whether the showing of these films was done as a warning, or an attempt to persuade us that we need a “man on a white horse” to put things right.

I hear even people who want Gov. Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee, to win, saying, “Well, I’m afraid Obama’s gonna get back in.” Or, “Oh, I don’t see how Romney can win.” Or, “Oh, Romney’s going to lose and drag all the other Republicans down with him.” Which is just what the mainstream media WANTS you to believe. To borrow a phrase the national Democrats have been oh, so fond of, of late, it’s called “voter suppression.” Get the people who oppose Obama so discouraged that significant numbers of them won’t bother to vote, seeing it as a futile exercise. Paint the incumbent as the Mulatto Messiah, as so many have called him (and been labeled “racist” for doing so); The One; the answer to all our prayers.

Those polls which purport to show Obama ahead in every key state, and in the national polls? Well, many Republican and conservative analysts say they’ve detected a flaw in the pollsters’ methods, by which the turnout for 2008 — the biggest turnout of Democrats for several elections — is being used as a benchmark by which the poll results are “weighted” to — supposedly — be as accurate as possible. The result? Pollsters have been weighting to have as many as nine percentage points more Democrats polled as Republicans. The spread in membership between the two parties is actually two to three percentage points — hence the pollsters are like the butcher who puts his thumb on the scale to make a skinny piece of meat look bulkier, so he can charge more for it. The fair procedure for these pollsters would be to take an average of the turnout for the past several presidential elections, and use that to “weight” their sample. But apparently, most of them are not doing that.

Which is exactly what they did. And the American people fell for it, hook, line and sinker. They didn’t just DRINK the Kool-Aid; they guzzled it, took a bath in it, tried to drown themselves in it. Our First Black President! This evil, racist country is redeemable after all! Hallelujah!

And ain’t he so cool it could freeze you, Chris Matthews? There comes that thrill up your leg again!

Well. After that election night of extreme intoxication, we’ve been facing The Morning After for almost four years now. The economy, in bad shape when Obama took over, has not rebounded in anything like satisfactory fashion. The national debt has reached levels few of us can even imagine. And in his first two years, when he had the Congress fully on his side, Obama rammed through a national health-care bill which garnered not a single Republican vote, and which lost 39 House Democrats. ObamaCare still is underwater as far as public approval goes, but it was the Numero Uno thing on Obama’s agenda — probably because the Democrats knew if they didn’t get it bulldozed through the Congress then, they never would.

And of course there’s the continuing unrest in the Middle East, compounded by the recent murder of a U.S. ambassador and three others in Libya, which Obama responded to mostly by going on “The View” as what he described as “eye candy,” and attending scheduled campaign fund-raisers. Great set of priorities, Mr. President.

Obama has dealt with America’s only real ally in the region, the State of Israel, with an attitude bordering on disdain. And Iran, whose demented leader has repeatedly threatened to destroy Israel, is progressing rapidly toward the manufacture of a nuclear device.

Barack Obama has played the race card, too, whenever it suited his purposes. Fox News reported this (Tuesday) evening on a video of then-senator Obama addressing a black audience in 2007, after announcing his candidacy for president. Portions of the video shown on Fox depict him praising the black racist Rev. Wright, his pastor, whom he threw under the bus the next year when Wright became an embarrassment. They also show him claiming that the federal government deliberately neglected to help New Orleans adequately after Hurricane Katrina, as opposed to the help given New York City after 9-11, because there were many blacks in New Orleans. But he also affects to speak in an (obviously phony) Negro preacher accent, apparently to show “solidarity” with his fellow blacks in the audience. He comes across as a cynical mountebank, giving “de brothuhs and sistuhs” what they want to hear, while secretly laughing up his sleeve at their gullibility.

We shouldn’t be very surprised at Obama’s thinly-veiled bias toward the Arab Muslims and against the Israelis. Look at his background.

He was born in Hawaii (or so he’s always claimed) to a White American mother and a black African father, from Kenya. His father was Muslim, although possibly non-practicing. After their divorce, his mother re-married, to another Muslim, and she and young Barack spent the next several years in Indonesia, a heavily Muslim country. Was Barack Obama raised as a Muslim himself? We don’t know for sure; and the mainstream media sure aren’t anxious to dig into the question. He attended a Christian church (of sorts) in Chicago for 20 years, and is supposedly now a Christian. Since nobody can get inside his head, I suppose we’ll have to take his word for it. But things he’s written in his life (in two autobiographies published by the time he turned 34 — can you believe it?) and things he’s said in unguarded moments, suggest that, deep down, he feels a stronger allegiance to Islam, and to the former colonial countries, than he does to the United States which he was elected to lead. Remember the deep bow a photographer caught him making to the king of Saudi Arabia during a visit there? Can you imagine one head of state bowing like a subject, to another one, that way?

By contrast, when he and his wife Michelle met Queen Elizabeth II, he inclined his head ever so slightly, with no semblance of a bow, and Michelle later patted the queen on the shoulder as if she were  the Obamas’ cleaning lady. And one of the first things Barack Obama did in the White House after taking his oath of office was to pack up a bust of Sir Winston Churchill, Britain’s World War II prime minister, and ship it back to London. Churchill believed in the British Empire, and colonialism, and we couldn’t have that in the president’s mansion of a republic that Obama intends to radically transform to fit his own leftist ideas, now could we?

But of course no one will ever convince Barack Obama that he isn’t the answer to America’s prayers. I honestly believe that he thinks he’s already one of our greatest presidents. So do the women on “The View” — presumably except for Elizabeth Hasselback.

Look at the photo of a teen-age Barack Obama at the top of this page. Doesn’t he look like someone you remember from your senior class? The guy who thought he was “just IT, with a cherry on top”? You can almost hear the young  Barack thinking, with his chin tilted up and his toothy grin on display, “Man, I’m the coolest guy around! I can get any White chick I want! I can do drugs and drink booze and never get into any trouble for it! Aren’t I just the absolute most?”

He’s the guy from your senior class with the cocky grin and the “cool” attitude who got all the girls’ attention and quite obviously felt that he deserved every bit of the good things which came his way, thank you very much. The guy who skated through on his looks and “cool” and glib articulateness while others less gifted had to struggle to get the grades — and the girls.

The other guys were more like Mitt Romney. Yes, he was born to a wealthy family — but he went out and made his own way in the world. He served a mission for his church; took his place in the world of work; was governor of a state; saved an Olympic Games. While he was conventionally handsome, he didn’t have any “cool,” he couldn’t sing like Obama can, and he didn’t have Obama’s easy way with people.

But he has other things: Integrity. Ability. Stick-to-it-iveness, for want of a better word. He has not searched for his true identity, his true place in the world, as the bi-racial, foreign-reared, West-hating Obama has, by his own admission in his books. Mitt Romney’s conviction that he is an American — and a Christian — has never been seriously questioned.

So — you, as a member of the board, will have to choose between CEOs on Nov. 6. The current one, who has been all flash and pizzazz, and little substance; or the slightly awkward, less physically gifted, but more driven, experienced, and centered new applicant for the job? The guy who was too busy to write an autobiography at a young age, or obsess about who he owed his first allegiance to.

Who will you listen to? The mainstream media and the polls? Or your own heart and mind?








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