Arizona: It’s the Left’s latest excuse

The American Left has been in the position it likes best the last week and a half: “Outraged,” marching in the streets, preening itself about its “moral superiority,” and, oh, yes, setting fires and smashing windows and anything else it can find that is breakable while it is showing us how “humanitarian” and “peace-loving” it is.

The Left — not to be confused with the Democratic Party (I’m a Democrat myself, and I’m typical of many moderate-to-conservative Democrats who don’t agree with the Left) — claims to be “outraged” and “dismayed” at Arizona’s passing of the anti-illegal immigrant law signed by Gov. Jan Brewer two weeks ago. But really, deep down, the Hispanics who claim to feel that they’re all being targeted by this, and the White Americans who love to march on behalf of somebody else’s alleged plight, but never that of their own race — they’re all delighted. To them, this is the way God intends the world to be: Leftists marching like so many self-righteous Marxist workers (never mind that many of them are pampered college students), chanting feel-good Leftie rhetoric about the conservatives being “Fascists” and “Nazis” and “racists,” condemning alleged “racial profiling” …

The Tea Party Movement of the last year has made the Left extremely uncomfortable. “Middle-class White people actually gathering to protest, and speak their minds, in large groups? How dare they! Conservatives are supposed to all be gray-haired, paunchy White guys, sitting in boardrooms in their expensive suits and grumbling about what’s the world coming to. They’re not supposed to be yelling out in the streets, waving signs, suggesting that they’re patriotic Americans and not selfish, racist Nazis!” Well, you get the idea. To the Left, marching, yelling and protesting is the exclusive prerogative of the Left, the “moral” side of the political equation, the side that wants to “organize and smash the state.” Except that, hey, look, the state is now being run by the most left-leaning president in our history!

But never mind such inconsistencies of reasoning. The Left’s mind is made up; keep the facts to yourself, you racist Nazis!

Like the Left’s allegation that the Arizona law will result in “racial profiling.” That’s the “R.P.-word” now, you know, like “nigger” is the “N-word.” An accusation of “racial profiling” is supposed to produce a stunned silence on the part of the side accused of it, just like being accused of “racism” usually does in our White-guilt ridden society.

Let’s look at this “racial profiling” phrase that’s been added to the list of Leftist hate words. Just what is it? If a zebra wearing a Santa Claus outfit robs a bank, and reliable witnesses identify the robber in that way, should the police look also for alligators wearing green pajamas, just to be “fair” about it? If most robberies of taxi drivers in New York City are proven to be committed by black men aged 17 to 35 or 40, should the police be suspicious of Swedish grandmothers as potential, dangerous thieves? Should the taxi drivers (many of them black themselves) who refuse to pick up black men who appear to be in that age group, because the drivers assume they are the group most likely to rob them, be condemned as “racists” practicing “racial profiling”?

It applies to things besides crime, too. When 80 percent of all the starting players in the National Basketball Association are black, are we to assume that White players just aren’t very good? Or that coaches and scouts are jumping to conclusions that may not be warranted? Or are afraid they may be called “racist” if they play “too many” White athletes?

What about “affirmative action”? When colleges set aside a given percentage of the classroom slots in freshman classes for black or Hispanic students who have scored lower on their SATs than White students, is that not “racial profiling” to supposedly benefit minorities, but which also discriminates against Whites? Same thing with hiring by employers, who often must meet federal racial quotas. If some minority group members have to be hired to fill a quota, they may well have qualifications inferior to those of comparable Whites. Why isn’t that called “racial profiling”? Depends on whose ox is being gored, doesn’t it?

But the Left isn’t concerned about such logical examinations of its cherished beliefs. The Left loves nothing better than marching, shouting, and moralizing about how morally bankrupt somebody else is. Arizona has given it its latest excuse to do so, and to take the spotlight away — for a while, anyhow — from those nasty old racist White people in the Tea Party Movement.


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