‘Equality’? It’s just another liberal lie

“We hold these truths to be self evident; that all men are created equal …”

Thus spake Thomas Jefferson, probably the most brilliant of our Founding Fathers, in his preamble to the Declaration of Independence. Of course, in the next phrase he clarified the above words with, “That they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among those are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” And Jefferson goes on from there.

Now, as I said above, Jefferson was probably the highest-IQ’ed president we’ve ever had. But he could have chosen a better phrase than the one at the top of this essay. Why do I say that? Because that sentence, or rather, the initial phrase of it, has been misused by politicians, mostly but not entirely on the left, for a large majority of our history.

“All men are created equal.” Now, aside from the fact that “All men and women” would have been more politically correct — as we say nowadays — Jefferson’s bald statement is subject to wild distortions. Like, “Oh, we’re all the same under the skin.” Or, “There is only one race — the HUMAN race.” Or how about, “The police stop more black motorists than White ones because of racial bias.”

“All men are created equal.” Nowadays, that is often distorted into, “Oh, we must eliminate inequality in people’s income levels.” Why? Is there some kind of a “natural law,” or provision of the Constitution, that decrees that being either rich, or poor, is illegal or immoral? Do we all have to be in some kind of a “moderate middle”? If being wealthy is something “bad,” then why are so many millions of people around the world trying to climb into that one percent?

“All men are created equal.” OK; I’ll go along with Jefferson’s follow-up phrase to that, about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Great! That’s the American way.

Yes, we are all human beings, regardless of race or ethnicity. We are equal in the sight of God, and before the bar of justice. But “equality” that some try to defend beyond that, is simply a leftist pipe dream; something they WANT desperately to be true, which just isn’t.

“Equality” probably started to fade away when we first came out of the caves, became foragers, then, in a few thousand years, started to farm. Some farmers, even then, would wind up harvesting larger crops than others. Why? Because of dumb luck, occasionally; but more often because they were willing to get up earlier, work harder, were smarter about raising their crops, about when to harvest, and other factors. “Equality”? No, I don’t think so. Not in those qualities.

Later, as “civilizations” began to develop, some people emerged as “leaders,” or “kings,” “emperors,” “high priests,” and began to come to the fore. Why? Because they were smarter than most of the others; or better at taking charge, or possibly “looked” more like we tend to think a leader should look. And because of these advantages — which were not “handed” to them by someone out on the street, but which they were born with — they began to accumulate more goods, more “valuables,” than the typical citizens of these early city states.

Of course, their children, grandchildren, etc., often inherited their thrones, huge stores of valuables, the authority to order the “common people” around, and the like. That’s another thing that liberals hate — people inheriting wealth and power without having to work for them. That’s why they always support sky-high inheritance taxes, and almost confiscatory tax rates on those they like to call “the one percent,” the “privileged,” etc. Well, not having inherited anything but a large funeral bill and a house full of worn-out furniture myself, I can sort of identify with that prejudice. But that doesn’t mean it’s justified. As Jimmy Carter once said, “Life is not ‘fair’ .” The scales may be tipped by a lucky inheritance; superior intelligence and a willingness to work very hard; or, in some cases, theft in one form or another. The last is punishable by law. The others are simply the luck of the draw, or someone who is willing to reach more often and farther for the brass ring. There is no “equality” involved.

Don’t believe in any race but “the human race”? OK; then why are a hugely disproportionate percentage of the world’s most eminent doctors and scientists, Jewish? Why are a hugely disproportionate number of the world’s best basketball players, and sprinters, Sub-Saharan African or descended from black Africans? Well, in the first instance, it’s at least mostly because Ashkenazic Jews — those who, when expelled from Jerusalem in 70 A.D., traveled north and east — as an ethnic group, have the highest average IQ of any identifiable ethnic group in the world — somewhere in the area of 115. In the second, people of black African descent have different types of “triggers” to their muscular actions than people of European or Asiatic descent possess. This enables them to run faster, and jump higher, as a group, than the two other main races of man.

On the other hand, you know what race has the lowest average IQ in the world? If you said, “Sub-Saharan Africans,” you win five silver dollars. It hovers right around 70 — almost idiot level. They can run like the wind, but their brains lag WAY, WAY behind. Liberals don’t like to hear things like that, but they’re true.

So, if you hear about these high-falutin government programs designed to produce more “equality,” in education, income, housing, medical treatment, and so forth — keep this in mind: If we all really were “equal,” other than before God and in the eyes of the law, such programs wouldn’t be necessary. We’re not “equal” in IQ, athletic ability, ability to show responsibility in our lives, musical talent, the ability to produce fine artworks — or just about anything else you can think of. “Equality” is just a liberal cuckoo-land creation — a wish and a hope for something that never existed.






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