Please think hard about this election, folks

Are we coming to the end of our 231-year-old, best in the world federal republic, my fellow Americans? Like most of you, I sincerely hope not.

But things are not looking well. And I’m sure that any sane American who doesn’t know that by now, must be living isolated on another planet.

Things were going so well for us, right up into the first couple of months of 2020. The economy was booming; unemployment rates were at extreme lows. Despite political polling that showed challenger Joe Biden ahead of President Donald Trump in the race for the presidency, we Trump supporters were reasonably confident that “The Donald” would win out in the end.

And then this coronavirus pandemic hit us. Coming out of China, although Trump was blasted as “racist” for saying so. Never mind that he was right; the left will call any conservative a “racist” if he or she doesn’t march in lockstep with them on the subject of race. And any of us who are Caucasian — White, in the more common usage — are also roundly condemned if we don’t apologize with tears pouring down for “slavery,” and “segregation,” and “racial inequality.”

Anyway, we all know the monstrous sucker punch the pandemic, and all the shutting down, closing businesses, staying fearfully at home (I’m surprised they didn’t tell us to “hide under your bed!”) to try to cut down on the number of positive tests, illnesses, and deaths, administered to our economy, as well as the loss of many of our loved ones, good friends, etc.

And since we ARE a federal republic, and not a unitary one, like, say, France, the president left a lot of the dealing with the virus to the governors and state legislatures, although he was very active in assuming all the responsibilities he felt fell to the president in helping the states to get through this national emergency.

Then, just as the pandemic was appearing to be tapering off, and large sectors of the country began re-opening, calling people back to their jobs, etc., a black man in police custody in Minneapolis, MN, died, allegedly from an officer keeping his knee on the man’s neck for too long.

Nobody but his family, friends and fellow workers would have known George Floyd from Adam’s off ox. But his death gave the liberals just the excuse they needed to short-circuit the progressing recovery from the pandemic. “Black Lives Matter! White racism! Police brutality! Racial inequality!” Ad nauseum. I’m sure you’ve heard all of them in the last two weeks, many, many times over. You’d have thought George Floyd was the Second Coming and Second Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, with all the moaning, protesting, honoring, etc., that they’ve done for him in the last two weeks.

Does anyone think all this hoo-ha was just a coincidence, just world-wide grief and mourning, and protesting, and rioting, burning, looting, etc.? Hey, folks: If you do, I’ve got a great big beautiful lake in the Arizona desert I’ll sell you.

Could the coronavirus have been deliberately created — by someone or some regime — then deliberately spread world-wide? I don’t know; I’m surely not an expert on things like that. But I’m suspicious. In today’s world, with its unlimited science, world-wide instant communication, and other things, it’s possible that it was.

And of course, with the death of Floyd in Minneapolis, that was a golden opportunity for the left, the Democrat liberals, to jump on it with both feet. “Let’s make a world-wide fuss over this! Everybody will blame it on Trump!” Who had nothing to do with it, of course.

And the cities like Minneapolis and Los Angeles, which now are talking about slashing huge amounts of funding from their police departments, or even abolishing them altogether, are obviously being run by lunatics — or evil, clever politicians who would like to see all this wind up with just one, nationwide police agency, controlled by the Democrats in Washington, which would make it easier and more convenient for them to make us bow down and obey them.

I can understand how my friends who are life-long Democrats won’t want to believe any of this. I was a Democrat myself, until 2012, when I decided I’d had enough. I didn’t switch to the Republicans, though — and the way some of the leading ones have turned against their party’s president recently, I’m glad I didn’t.

Some of these GOP fence jumpers have voiced their support for Joe Biden, the mentally slipping, aging, little-girl liking nominee of the Democrats. The polls have shown him ahead of Trump for the entire race — but I don’t trust the polls at all. I believe they’re all fixed.

So now, as the November election gradually grows closer, and turmoil fills our streets, aided and abetted by the biased coverage of the mainstream media, is it becoming more likely that Crazy Joe Biden may actually defeat our president? What if the Democrats also managed to hold onto the House, and take back the Senate? Then where would our federal republic be? In very, very dire straits, my friends.

This Democrat party is not the one that got us through the Depression and led us to victory in World War II. I do not trust them, and neither do millions of other Americans. They want to seize the power, in whatever way they can do it; to get rid of Donald Trump, get the whip hand in Washington, and make us do, or forbid us from doing, whatever they want.

It’s not a good time, my friends. Nations have fallen over lesser situations. We must not let that happen to the United States of America. Despite everything, we’re still the Number One country in the world. The ballot box will be the most important thing in our world on November 3, folks. If we fail there, we may well regret it for the rest of our lives.

Think about it, folks. Please think hard about it.


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