Is the Ukraine worth yet another U.S. war?

So we’re still fighting this Corona Virus epidemic, after two years of doing so. Our shutdowns, mandates, school closings, yadda, yadda, have put our economy, the world’s largest, into really scary territory in a number of ways.

Tens of thousands of illegal, often unvaccinated, immigrants from every low-life area of the world are pouring across the Rio Grande into our United States, and our president and vice president seem to be perfectly happy with that situation.

So, what does Washington, D.C., plan to do about all this mess? Why, just take a look at our history since World War II: Let’s get into a war with Russia!

AND WHILE I’m talking about the immense problems we’re facing right now, don’t forget how inflation is making everything more expensive, never mind whether you got any kind of raise for this year or not.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia has 125,000 troops gathered on his country’s border with Ukraine right now, and President Biden is warning him that if they actually invade the smaller country, the results will be “severe.” Bet Putin shit his pants the first time he heard that.

Yes, we’re going to say, and do, just what we do every time we see that one of our “allies,” so-called, from somewhere three-fourths of the world away from us, appears to be hurting for some reason or other: “Oh my goodness, we’ve got to help these poor people! Send that poor country billions of dollars in arms and ammunition! Get the Army and Marines ready to be shipped over there! …” And so on, and so on, and so on. You know the routine; you’ve seen and heard it many, many times since Korea in 1950. I was one of the service personnel who got sent to Vietnam in 1965. And there have been many, many other interventions — none of which resulted in a true victory — since then.

Now, what do we think is going to happen with this Ukrainian stand-off? Well, Vladimir Putin is nobody’s fool — unlike Joe Biden — so I doubt if he’ll actually send his troops across the border if he thinks it wouldn’t work out to Russia’s advantage. Although, I doubt if he is intimidated by Biden’s threats of “severe economic sanctions” to be imposed if Russia invades. I’m sure there are ways that these could be negated by a huge world power like Russia.

JOE BIDEN and his fellow leftists are determined to keep Vladimir Putin from sending one Russian soldier over the border into the Ukraine. But when it comes to letting millions of illegal immigrants into the U.S., why, “Y’All Come!” as an old country music song urges them.

And let me add that I have nothing whatsoever against the so-called republic of the Ukraine. None. But keep this in mind: Over the last 1,000 years or so, Ukraine has been ruled by Poland, Lithuania, the Ottoman Empire, and, since 1647, by the Russian Empire, as it was called in those days. We’re not talking about a country that has been independent and self-ruled for hundreds of years. The Russians had the whiphand over them until the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, after which they finally became independent — sort of.

But it’s never been unusual for a large country to invade a much-smaller country that is right on its border. It’s a way they have of making their own security — well, a little more secure. It’s generally not enjoyed by the government or people of the smaller, invaded country — but the invader doesn’t care about that.

And to those who are complaining because Russia doesn’t want a new member of NATO right on its southern border, think about this: Imagine that Communist Cuba was right on our southern border, instead of out in the Caribbean, and the Soviet Union had signed a treaty with them to retaliate for any American “invasion” of Castro’s territory. No, the United States WOULD NOT have been happy about that.

AND THOSE writers who are insisting that Putin “wants to re-build the Soviet Union,” don’t appear to know much about the Russian president. Look at how he’s changed things in Russia since he became president. The biggest one is how he’s restored the Russian Orthodox Church to its full power and influence in the country where it has been the predominant Christian faith since the year 988 A.D. Thousands of new churches and cathedrals have been constructed in Russia since Putin became the president. By contrast, in the early years of the Communist regime, thousands of Orthodox priests were executed, and hundreds of churches and cathedrals burned or torn down.

And the national anthem, as it was sung for 74 years under Communism, has been given new, original lyrics, ignoring the defunct Red regime, and now praising — with joy — the Russian people’s beloved country.

Go on YouTube and google, “Russian national anthem”, and you’ll find a number of versions of it. My favorite shows Putin leading 100,000 Russians in singing the anthem just before a big sports event in a huge stadium.

Putin leads the singing, with a smile on his face and looking around at his people the whole time. And virtually all the Russians shown singing along with their president, look joyous and proud. The anthem has the most beautiful melody I’ve ever heard.

And, slightly off the subject, you’ll see why many Americans who have spent time in Europe, will say that the Russian women are the most beautiful in that continent.

So, there’s my read on the Ukraine situation. So, does that mean I want Russia to invade the Ukraine? No, I don’t. But, I also don’t want to see our American forces get involved in another war, in territory that’s not ours, halfway around the world.


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