Save our country! Vote GOP!

Does the number “1984” mean anything to you, my friends? Oh, you might say, “Why, that was the year I was born!” Or, “That’s the year my mom passed away! Sob! …” Or, “That’s when President Ronald Reagan won re-election, carrying 49 states out of 50!”

All true — at least the one about Reagan. But — a little over 70 years ago, a very unusual English author named George Orwell published a novel, with “1984” as the title. Many people who have read it, and who often have a politician’s view of the world, think it predicts — sadly, pretty accurately — just what our world is turning into.

“1984” depicts a future world — well, when it was published in 1948 it was well in the future — where only a handful of huge empires rule everything; where the rulers have total control over the billions of helpless, oppressed people, who have to obey every order given them by “the state,” and who are only allowed to possess the meager money and other odds and ends the rulers choose to make available to them.

IS THIS STARTING to look more than a little familiar to you? Well, if you’re a citizen of the United States, it should be. When we declared our independence, in 1776, we formed a federal union composed of 13 colonies, which then became “states”, and which in the 246 years since then have grown to a total of 50. And up to fairly recent times, we adhered to that unique structure — with occasional arguments and bursts of state anger, which culminated in the War Between the States. But, like it or not, the “union” held firm until the last 55 or 60 years.

Then, after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, his successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, managed to win the biggest election landslide in U.S. history in 1964, over the conservative Republican Sen. Barry Goldwater. The next year, with the Democrats holding huge majorities in Congress, our movement toward a unitary republic rather than a federal democracy, began.

The first move was the changing of the laws on immigration, designed to gradually reduce the majority of White Americans. It was 90 percent in 1960. Now, it’s down to just 58 percent. The liberal Democrat leaders of those days didn’t like White people — despite the fact that most of THEM were White. So, they decided to gradually, and sneakily, admit millions of dark-skinned people from around the world, until the European-descended Americans would be out-numbered. The leaders of the Democrat party nowadays often view their fellow White Americans who are Republicans, as stupid racists, also.

NUMEROUS OTHER changes took place, to gradually, in a way that wouldn’t be noticed by the majority for a number of years, gradually, over the next 50 years, change the United States into what might be called the Unitary America, where the federal government is all wise and all powerful, and the various states can only pass or make laws as the president and members of Congress will allow.

Now, 50-plus years later, a president who did not agree with these changes, Donald Trump, was cheated out of the second term he deserved, with an elderly, mentally declining Democrat named Joe Biden being handed the presidency so he can put the transformation of the United States into high gear — which he has done.

And that’s where the point of this column comes out, aggressively, before it becomes too late to save our great country. Americans who dislike what has happened in the past 50-odd years, who don’t want to see this deterioration of the United States toward “1984” continue, must cast their votes for the Republican side of the ballot this year.

THE ELECTION IS just four weeks away now. Joe Biden and his minions are doing everything they can possibly do to turn as many voters against the Republicans as possible. Don’t let them trick you — yet again.

I was raised in a Democrat family. My dad didn’t believe there was ever a good Republican born. But if he was alive today, and still had his faculties, I think he would have a very difficult time voting a straight Democrat ticket, considering what his party has turned into.

I considered myself a Democrat, too, until Barack Obama got re-elected in 2012. At that point, I became an independent. Now, I consider a candidate’s voting record before I’ll consider voting for them.

As I’ve told friends of mine, “I finally grew up.”


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