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The multi-victim murder cases have been piling up like building blocks recently. Four family members killed by a relative in Florida; 13 people shot dead by a nutcase Muslim Army officer in Texas; four police officers gunned down in a coffee shop by a scumbag who should have still been behind bars in the state of Washington.

Sad, sad trend. The left wing has jumped on that trend to say that it proves we should take away most civilian-owned guns. Nonsense, of course; we’ve had guns since the founding of America, but these multiple-victim murders have never been “common.”

Those murders I just mentioned have gotten a lot of press attention — understandably so. That’s what the press is supposed to do — report on the unusual, on disasters, natural and man-made, on extremely good news, when it happens; and yes, assuredly so, on murders.

There was another murder case, with four victims, that occurred late Thursday in Madison, Wisconsin. At first it received little coverage nationally; I wouldn’t have known about it if I hadn’t heard it mentioned as a “Breaking News” bulletin on Fox News while I was in the other room and couldn’t see the screen. But I heard a name: “Tyrone Adair.” I thought, “Tyrone? Hmmm …” So I logged onto the website for the main Madison, WI, newspaper, and there was the story. Tyrone Adair, being sought in a major manhunt; prime suspect in the killings of two women, one in Madison and the other in a neighboring small town; and their two toddler little girls. Here was the kicker: Adair had had relationships with both women. These little girls were his own children.

And there was Adair’s picture. I had been right about what I thought when I heard his first name: He was black. The story said he had been in court twice in the last two years over paternity issues with each of the two women. He also had a criminal record.

It was interesting how the writer of the story led it: “Out of work and with little money for Christmas, Tyrone Adair …” See how she was trying to gin up sympathy for this accused murderer right from the start? His mother was named and identified as “a well-known Madison social worker.” A family member was quoted a little further on as saying, “We hope the police catch him soon, because he might hurt himself.” Poor baby.

The mainstream news websites were slow to pick up on the story. Fox didn’t touch it until today, after reporting it as a news flash on its TV newscasts Friday morning. The Madison, WI newspaper has a story again today — essentially just an update of yesterday’s story, saying, “They haven’t caught him yet.” The names of the four victims were given by today, the families having been notified. But — guess what? No photos of the victims; none. Nowhere that I could find. Now, there could be several reasons for this, but I suggest that the real reason is: Adair is black; his estranged girlfriends were white; the children were mulattos, or mixed-race, as the more currently acceptable term has it.

I can hear news directors talking among themselves: “We’ve got photos of the victims now.” “Yeah, but look at them; the women are white, the kids are mixed-race. Can you imagine how this will stir up the redneck right-wing racists if we make these public? Let’s sit on ’em, and hope nobody notices.” Or words to that effect.

Here’s another thing: In the Wisconsin newspaper, the first story about the murders had a link at the bottom for reader comments — and there were already plenty. The next time I checked their website for updates on the story, the comments AND the link had been removed. Let’s suppress the people’s views and pretend they don’t exist? It’s possible that’s what happened. What other reason would there have been for shutting down readers’ possibility of giving their opinions on this barbaric crime?

If you think some — I stress SOME — editors and news directors don’t suppress legitimate news in that way, think again. Because they do. If it doesn’t fit their ideological framework, you may not find out about it.

Unless you read little one-horse websites like this one.


Here’s an update Sunday morning on this case: I checked the websites for the Wisconsin Capital Journal, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. The only significant update was on the Capital Journal’s website, where several photos were shown of Adair’s family members, making a public plea for him to turn himself in. Included was a picture of a female family member, sobbing while leaning on a male family member. Tsk, tsk! How touching. Meanwhile, although there was a story on the Capital Journal site about the two women he is accused of killing, there were still no photos — nary a one — of any of the four victims. Also, no links for reader comments on the stories. The cover-up and the suppression of public opinion continues.


And here is a final update: Police were notified of a car that fit the description of the one reportedly stolen by Adair, parked in a Madison suburb today. In the car was the body of a black man, apparently the victim of a gunshot wound. Police later identified him as Adair, apparently a suicide. Also made public today was the fact that after the four murders were committed, police notified several other women who were involved with Adair to stay in a safe place because he was on the loose.

I found the obituary of one of his girlfriends and her little girl in the Capital Journal today. Again, no picture. Apparently someone is determined that we not be able to verify that the two women were white.


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