The media’s selective ‘outrage’ on race

A black drug addict with a long criminal record is killed — accidentally — while resisting arrest. Another black man, with a history of sexual molestation, is shot (but not killed) by police after resisting arrest and after he lunged toward the open door of his car, quite possibly toward a deadly weapon he had inside.

As we all know if we even glance at our mainstream media occasionally, the TV news, newspapers, news websites, etc., have blown these incidents up more than they would the start of World War III, feeding the fires of racial anger and resentment in our big cities across the U.S.

Meanwhile, last Monday, a scurrilous ghetto savage shot and killed a 21-year-old young woman and her 45-year-old stepfather on their lawn in Georgetown, South Carolina, and the story has made almost no impact anywhere outside that state. And why no media outrage, no angry riots and burning of property, over this more recent horrific event? Why? Because the two people killed were White! So, who cares if they were murdered? Maybe one of them called the “African American” with the gun, a “nigger”. That would fully justify their being blown away — right?

No, of course it wouldn’t. “All Lives Matter.” Any suggestion that the lives of one race, matter more than those of another, is despicable.

The police investigation shows that Charles Nicholas Wall, 45, was driving to the home of his wife to give his stepdaughter, Laura Ashley Anderson, 21, the keys to what was going to be her new home. Following him was a car driven by a 23-year-old black man.

When Wall slowed his car to turn into his driveway, the other car rear-ended his vehicle. When he halted his car and got out to see what had happened, the black guy stopped his car, got out with a gun in his hand, and shot Wall to death. Anderson was waiting in her yard for her stepfather, so the black jungle ape turned his gun on her and killed her, too. A third person who was in the yard, unidentified so far, was wounded in the hand by the gunman also.

The thug ran off into the woods, but police were able to capture him fairly easily. So now Ty Sheem Ha Sheem Walters III (I kid you not) is facing two murder charges and is being held without bond.

By the way, did you ever wonder how these ghetto mommas manage to come up with so many weird, made-up given names for their kids?

Anyway, I would not have even known about this tragic and shameful event if someone hadn’t posted on Facebook about it. Then a life-long friend of mine, who I went through school with, also posted on
Facebook, about a similarly horrifying black murder of White people, that had occurred recently, too. A black thief entered a gated community, intending to steal a car. The White owners confronted him as he was attempting to start their vehicle. He used a baseball bat he had brought with him to beat the husband to death, then beat the wife almost to death, then entered their house and fatally beat their 10-year-old son who was hiding in the bathroom and trying to call 911.

After seeing that, I decided that these needed to be as publicized as the police shootings were. Now, why wouldn’t we Americans — the majority — who haven’t drank the leftist kool-aid about all cops just itching to kill young black men, get as outraged about something like the Georgetown, South Carolina, murders, as they do about a street Negro with a criminal record, being shot while he resists arrest, and was possibly reaching into his car to grab a gun — the definition of the Kenosha, Wisconsin shooting of a week or so ago.

Because, my fellow Americans, we have been thoroughly brainwashed by the mainstream media, and by the leftist mobs, both on the streets and in Congress. They constantly use phrases like “systemic racism.” Now, just what is that supposed to mean? Legally segregated schools, permitting business owners to refuse to allow certain shoppers — usually Negroes — to use their stores; businesses refusing to hire black people — THOSE were “systemic racism.” Those were all swept away by high court rulings or federal laws, years and years ago.

Now, if you want to call allowing black students college admission with lower high school grade averages than White or Asian students; or White athletes reduced to a small minority in the NBA, NFL, etc.; or a huge majority of the actors hired to perform in TV commercials being black — if you want to call THOSE things “systemic racism,” then I think you’re onto something!

The leftists love to talk about being “woke” nowadays. They are not “woke”; they are brainwashed to believe that all White people are racist, privileged, not deserving of whatever they’ve earned in life, and that we must be “torn down” like they did to so many statues from American history.

We must not allow that to happen, folks. WE are the ones who need to “wake up,” and stop all this campaign to destroy our nation, our America the Beautiful.

As Lee Greenwood sang, “Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land! God Bless the U.S.A.!”


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