The American ’empire’: Don’t let it crumble

Empires have carried a high, magnificent reputation through recorded history. Millions of people under the rule of a single, all-powerful monarch, call him/her king, queen, emperor, sultan, or whatever the predominant language prescribes. An economy that, at least as the empire is young and growing, is healthy and booming, raising the common people to a better and more healthy lifestyle than they had been used to before.

And empires traditionally have kept growing, as fast as their rulers could manage to conquer other, smaller, neighboring countries who were then added to the borders, growing them larger, and larger …

But sooner or later, all empires start to crumble. Usually slowly; sometimes much faster. It all depends on the reason for the disintegration. Some other country or empire, a neighbor, may suddenly invade and, after a series of horrific battles, conquer the larger empire. Or, which happens more often, the line of hereditary monarchs, who started out with energy and great ideas for governing the empire, eventually starts to go the same route as the third or fourth generation of many family-owned businesses. They begin losing focus, and their desire to keep the business/empire going begins to peter out, often to be replaced by excessive drinking or drug use, gambling, obsession with sexual pleasure, or other things not related to operating the business, or the country.

Because empires, like businesses, do not run themselves.

IF THIS ALL has sounded vaguely familiar to you so far, my friends, there’s a good reason for that. Our country, the United States of America, followed a similar route for most of its history.

Are we, have we ever been, an “empire” as history understands it? No. We were founded by Europeans who came to the New World, as it was called in the 17th Century, to escape from dictatorial monarchs, to be able to practice their religion as they wished, to find fresh, virgin land where they could start a new life. They were not “emperors”; they were “pioneers.”

And, as we gradually grew and matured, won our independence in the Revolutionary War, formed a national government of our own, our people began moving West, and North, and South, civilizing formerly savage areas of the New World. Oh, some modern-day liberals will cry, “We stole the Indians’ land!” No, we didn’t. When it comes to massive square miles of land, and ethnic groups, the one who is strong enough to take it, and hold it, is the “owner”, so to speak. There was no warranty deed filed in any courthouse awarding the New World to the Indians.

AND THE “AMERICAN EMPIRE,” if we want to view it as that as it grew, and grew, and grew, produced a string of superb presidents, starting of course with George Washington, the Father of Our Country. Sure, there were a few bad apples who fell into the presidential barrel along the way, but overall, the country prospered, and grew, and attracted more and more immigrants from Europe, Asia, and, after slavery was abolished, Africa.

Our “empire” survived the Civil War, the Great Depression, World Wars I and II, and a number of other crisis situations. It wound up divided into 50 states, each with its own culture and characteristics, but all part of the American Union. And all honoring our history, and knowing that our president was the Chief Executive, residing in the White House in Washington, D.C.

But after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, and President Lyndon Johnson and the Democrats won a huge landslide in the 1964 election, things started to change — and not for the good.

THE NEW, HEAVILY Democrat Congress passed a key bill in 1965 that opened our shores to millions of non-White immigrants from all over the globe, at the same time limiting the number of European immigrants who could come in each year. Between the census of 1960, and that of 2010, the percentage of European-descended Americans declined from 90 percent to 63 percent — if you don’t include Hispanics who consider themselves White. There is nothing inherently wrong with larger numbers of dark-skinned immigrants coming into the American “empire,” but our nation was built by Europeans and their descendants, overwhelmingly. That law change in 1965, changed our country, massively and, I imagine, permanently.

There have been other basic changes that I believe threaten our country, too. One of the biggest is how the American news media has swerved WAY to the left, to the point where most of the liberal-owned newspapers, websites, and TV news networks do not even bother to pretend to be unbiased during our current presidential race. They hate Donald Trump, they’d support the Devil in Hell if he was the Democrat nominee, and they make no apologies about that.

And that brings me to the reason for this column. My fellow Americans, if Creepy Joe Biden manages to win this presidential race, and especially if the Dems manage to take back the Senate, our “American empire,” to use a euphemism I coined for this piece, will begin to crumble just as all the others have. Our Second Amendment will be swept away, “abortion” will become the law of the land, our freedom of speech will go down the “memory hole,” the Supreme Court will be artificially “packed”, and all this only scratches the surface of this looming disaster.

My fellow Americans, those of you who will be voting on election day, think deeply and hard about this election. The way it turns out, could mean either a bright future for the 50 States — or a pitiful collapse.

Even if you don’t like Donald Trump, think about it. We must return the President to office for another four years. Joe Biden as president, would be the beginning of the end.


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