‘White privilege’? What the hell’s that?

Give the leftist Democrats a few minutes, and they’ll come up with yet another name to call the “horrible, heartless” way they say we American White people treat the black people who live among us.

“Racism;” “systemic racism;” “White privilege;” and it goes on and on, all the way from here to Jericho. And I suspect a lot of you African Americans are naive enough to believe every word about race in this country that the clever, sneaky Democrats feed you.

OR MAYBE YOU’RE more clever and sneaky yourselves than we’ve given you credit for. There was a black leader named W.E.B. Dubois back in the 19th and early 20th Centuries, who, when he addressed an audience of his fellow blacks, would tell them never to stop demanding “reparations” of various kinds from the White Americans who, he said, were ALL to blame for slavery and all the problems that afflicted black people. He summed it up this way: “Agitate, agitate, agitate!!!”

Was slavery as practiced in America wrong? Of course. And it was wrong every other place on earth that it was practiced. And get this: Every race of man (yes, we’re not “all the same under the skin”) has had members who were slaves, usually of people of another race, at some time in history and somewhere in the world.

And here’s something else: The notion that “only Africans were slaves in the U.S.” is not true, either. European governments — mostly in Britain — shipped more than 300,000 European White people — mostly Irish — to the American colonies from 1607 to 1776, and most of these were sent over against their will, or as “indentured servants” who were often treated worse than many slaves by their masters.

ANYWAY, AS WE all learned in U.S. history classes, a Civil War — or War Between the States — was fought in the 1860s, the outcome of which was the abolition of slavery. The U.S. Constitution was amended to assure that black people could vote in elections. Over time, legal school segregation was abolished, as was discrimination in serving customers in businesses, in hiring, in choosing athletes to play in professional sports, and so on. Our government, on federal, state and sometimes local levels, has bent over backward to correct what was generally perceived as unfair treatment of black people.

And yet, when you hear some black leader nowadays say, “We’ve come a long way — but we’ve got a long way to go!” you’re hearing echoes of, “Agitate! Agitate! Agitate!” Don’t ever let up on “Whitey” — or the “Ofay” (pig latin for “Foe,” which used to be used to refer to White people by a lot of blacks); or “The Man”; well, you get the picture. Don’t ever say, “Well, thank you, White people; you’ve corrected all the bad things you did to us; now we’re satisfied.” Next up for “demand”: Reparations!

AND WHEN A White person points out some of these things to blacks, so many of them say, “Oh, you honkey, you never been black so you don’t know what it’s like!”

Well, you’ve never been White, either; so quit acting like you know all about what THAT’S like! You people like to think that we European Americans get everything handed to us, free, free, free, just because of the color of our skin. And the fact that you actually believe that lie, PROVES that you’ve never been White!


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