Derek Chauvin was railroaded!

Now that the mainstream media, the left-wing Democrats, the street blacks, and a bunch of other people have managed to get Derek Chauvin convicted on all three “murder” charges he was facing up in Minneapolis, and he has been locked up in jail to await sentencing — LONG sentencing, rest assured — what do you think the police haters would like to see happen before the sentencing date arrives?

Well, if you’ve read anything about White prisoners housed in jails where the majority of prisoners are black, then you wouldn’t have to have Einstein’s IQ to figure that one out. Those people who had Chauvin convicted of the “murder” of George Floyd before the trial even started, would be dancing joyfully in the streets if the news announced that “Derek Chauvin has been murdered by a black fellow prisoner while awaiting sentencing.” You would be hearing “He had it coming!” and other such crap, probably starting with Hidin’ Biden, our alleged president, and Maxine Waters, that ugly black hypocrite who seems to have lifelong membership in the U.S. House of Representatives.

TAKE A LOOK at how this whole thing was handled by the “powers that be,” starting the next day after George Floyd “couldn’t breathe” for over nine minutes, but somehow could keep saying that he “couldn’t breathe” for that whole time; where did he get the oxygen to keep talking that way? The next day, Officer Chauvin, a veteran of 19 years service on the Minneapolis police department, was summarily fired from his job, despite the fact that the investigation had just started.

The normal procedure would have been to put Chauvin on administrative duty, in the department office, until conclusions were reached about the incident. But of course, everybody and his dog would have been calling the police department “racist,” etc., if the administration had followed the rules. Better fire this guy, post haste, and make sure the news media hear all about it!

Then, scroll forward to closer to Chauvin’s trial, and his attorney filed a motion to have the venue for the trial changed to a smaller city in Minnesota, rather than the largest city in the state where Floyd’s death took place. The judge turned that motion down immediately. “Why, we couldn’t move it to a smaller town! There might not be any black folks in the jury pool there, and how could we get him convicted without black folks being on the jury, since all the White Minnesotans are ugly racists?”

THAT RULING MADE me think of the O.J. Simpson murder case, in 1994, in which, after Simpson was arrested for the murder of his ex-wife and her friend, the first thing the Los Angeles court system moguls did was to move the case from the high-income, mostly White part of the city where the murders occurred and where Simpson lived, to the downtown district which had many black residents. Gotta pack that jury pool so O.J. can get off! they doubtless told each other.

Meanwhile, before the Chauvin trial actually began, the city of Minneapolis handed Floyd’s family $27 million (!!!), apparently without any thought that THAT fortune might also help to prejudice the jury in the state’s favor. Of course, I’m joking about “without any thought.” Of course they knew what they were doing. And that’s why they did it, WHEN they did it.

Next outsider putting her nose where it didn’t belong was Maxine Waters, who went to speak to the mobs watching outside the courthouse where Chauvin’s trial was taking place. Carefully shielded by three bodyguards, she screamed that if the defendant wasn’t convicted of all three criminal charges against him, there would be “hell to pay,” so to speak, in Minneapolis. Waters could probably get away with murder herself, as long as the victim was White.

AND MOST SHAMEFUL of all was President Joe Biden saying publicly that he hoped the jury would “make the right decision” — in other words, convict Chauvin on everything, which they ultimately did.

Anyway, my opinion is that Derek Chauvin didn’t have a chance, from the moment he was fired from the police department, one day after Floyd’s death. And that’s just the way the Minnesota court system, the black street rioters, the mainstream media, and all the Democrat office holders wanted it.

And all this hoo-ha about “black killed by White officer” as if no one else of any other race ever is in this country, is nonsense, too. Statistics released by The Daily Wire, on, not long after the Floyd incident, showed that between Jan. 1, 2020, and March 31, 2021, there were 271 blacks shot or killed in some other way by police in the United States. BUT! The total of White Americans whose lives were ended in encounters with police, during the same period, was 507! Yes, the number of blacks killed was higher than their percentage of the population. But their crime rates are higher than that percentage, too. And why is it perfectly OK to have the National Basketball Association made up of 80 percent black players, and the National Football League, 60 percent? That’s WAY out of balance!

And why is everyone surprised to see that 507 White people were shot and killed by American police? Because the mainstream media doesn’t WANT you to know about them! Dead White people killed by police are almost always totally ignored by the American press.

ANYWAY, I SUSPECT that Chauvin’s attorney may have already filed an appeal based on the judge’s refusal to consider a change of venue for the trial. And I think there are probably other issues he could use for an appeal. I hope at least one of them works, and Chauvin is released from prison.

And I hope that the police didn’t place him in a position in jail, where he is a sitting duck.


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