Ginning up another helping of ‘outrage’

Eric Garner protests in New York City

Eric Garner protests in New York City

Well, I presume all the young American leftists are puffed up and proud of themselves, now that  for the umpteenth time in the last 50 years they’ve marched, chanted, “died in” (we could only hope, couldn’t we?) over the decisions of the grand juries in Ferguson, Missouri, and Staten Island, New York, not to indict two police officers for trying to deal with criminals. The young European American marchers probably feel that they’ve now gone part-way toward absolving themselves from the “White guilt” they think we’re all born with. What gullible young fools.

Was the Missouri grand jury  justified in not returning true bills against either Darren Wilson, the Ferguson officer who killed Michael Brown, the hulking black teenager who was charging him like a brama bull? Yes, I firmly believe that it was. Police officers are taught to protect themselves and/or the public, from anyone or anything they perceive as a physical threat. They are taught to aim for center mass and keep firing until the threat is eliminated. But actually, Wilson appears to have been attempting to “wing” Brown, to bring him down but not kill him, until Brown appeared ready to slam his 292 pounds full tilt into Wilson’s body. The prosecutor who promptly took the case to a grand jury and laid out all the facts for its members, did not push for an indictment against Wilson. And most of the rioters in Ferguson, and their leaders (so-called) insisted that he did not because he was “biased”. You see, his own father, a police officer, was killed by a black thug exactly 50 years ago. He refused to recuse himself from the case, and it’s to his credit that he did. Some of the liberal news commentators have accused the prosecutor of “siding with the police.” Well, DUH! Is he supposed to side with the criminals? And a prosecutor who knows he has a very weak case, isn’t likely to push a grand jury for an indictment if he feels it’s likely that he faces defeat in a trial.

Now, the other case, in which Eric Garner of New York City, a 6-3, 350-pound  seller of illegal cigarettes on the street, was choked by a police officer in a group trying to arrest him, apparently resulting in his death shortly after, is much more problematic. Garner had numerous health issues, which probably contributed to his death after the confrontation. He also had a record of 31 previous arrests. But with at least four officers there to take him down after he resisted arrest, it does seem that the application of the choke hold on him by the one officer was excessive — especially since Garner was gasping “I can’t breathe!” during most of the struggle. It does seem excessive, as the crime he was charged with was a non-violent one, and he was not armed. Does that mean he should have been indicted for — something? I don’t know; I didn’t  see anything but the video, and grand jury proceedings are secret. Keep in mind that the grand jurors apparently didn’t think so. And there were several black citizens on the grand jury. The assumption of the liberal news media is obviously that White grand jurors would always be biased against a black victim, but that black grand jurors would view and judge the evidence fairly and impartially. Sure, sure; and here’s some ocean-front property in Arizona I’d like to sell you.

New York mayor Bill DiBlasio, bleeding-heart liberal that he is, went out of his way to side with Garner, and the demonstrators on the city’s streets, in his first speech after the grand jury’s non-indictment. He pointedly called attention to the fact that his wife is African American, and wept some crocodile tears over the possibility that their mixed-race son  might be harmed by the New York City police while out wandering the streets. I’ll just bet that the mayor’s son goes out all the time, all by his lonesome, with no bodyguards. Wanna bet?Apparently Mayor DiBlasio isn’t concerned that his son might be attacked, beaten and robbed by some of his fellow African Americans who are street thugs; or that the New York City police might just be the ones who would rescue him from such an attack.

Attorney General Eric Holder is adding fuel to the fire of “indignation” by his vows to pursue “civil rights violations” charges against both Darren Wilson in Ferguson, and the NYPD officer who put the fatal chokehold on Garner. And President Obama today threw in his two cents to keep the grievance ball rolling, publicly commenting about how “racism” is “deeply rooted” in American culture, and must be, somehow, uprooted and abolished.

Hey, Mr. President: How about “Deeply rooted in human nature”? It’s not the exclusive province of us “nasty ole White folks.” If the positions had been reversed, and you blacks had made slaves of us Whites, you would have treated us just like we treated you.

But in this case, race has simply been the excuse to get out, march, chant, riot, and generally engage in “street theater,” allegedly over “outrage” about something or other. In the 1960s it was the Vietnam War that the young, idealistic, clueless masses were “outraged” about. In the early ’70s, Richard Nixon’s impeachment. In later years, the “Million-Man March,” staged by black activists in Washington, D.C., who later threatened to sue the government if it refused to estimate the size of the crowd at at least one million. Which tells you that it was actually SMALLER than a million. But a catchy, feel-good slogan can’t be allowed to be trampled by the facts, can it?

Marching and protesting. Of course it doesn’t just take place here in America. It’s spread all around the world. But it does seem that people who want to march and protest, should have a bigger cause to protest about, than the two isolated cases in Ferguson and New York City.

If Michael Brown and Eric Garner had both been White men, who were shot or choked to death by black cops, does anyone really think that the stories would have even made it out of Missouri or Staten Island, let along sparked all this turmoil?





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