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There IS something we can do about it!

“There’s nothing we can do about it!” I think that’s one of the most contemptible sentences in the English language. And nowadays, we here it from everybody, starting with the politicians in Washington, the governors in our state capitals, our…


Madison, Indiana CAN come back!

Whither goest thou, Madison, Indiana, my hometown? You were the biggest city in Indiana in the 1850s; you were the pork-packing capital of the world.  The most-decorated American veteran of World War I was born near here, and lived here…


Pete Maravich: The Mozart of the Hardwood

He was like Nureyev among clog dancers; like Shakespeare competing with the writers of dime novels; like the difference between Einstein and a first-year chemistry student at a small, insignificant college. Pete Maravich was that rare bird among noted basketball…


Were the Beatles ‘Heaven sent’?

And so the 50th anniversary of the world’s first discovery of the greatest rock band of all time — perhaps the greatest ENTERTAINMENT phenoma of all time — has passed with suitable note and well-deserved praise for the Fab Four,…